EMBROIDERED PANEL  # 0091-050 $850.


48 x 34”    (122 x 86cm)
NW India, c. 20th century
Cotton, Silk, Synthetic material, Metal, Mirror
condition: fair – material abrasions

Incredible underlying color composition consisting of magenta and pink cloth base with subtle orange and green borders. Beautifully dense embroidery: wonderful coloration of deep black, brown, purple and white thread tones. Nicely detailed metallic ribbon around the neck area. It all comes together in a complex but unified composition of repeating forms emanating from a central spine configuratioin outwards.

Originally a Kanjeri Choli garment : ‘Kanjari’ is a embroidered women’s blouse that extends below the waist, originating from Katchchh (Kutch), Gujurat, India. Color and shape motifs describe specific tribal cultures of the region we would not even attempt to decipher. Mirrors ward off the ‘evil eye’. (May be purchased for decorative or protection purposes.)

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